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Hubei: First Use of Helicopters to Fight Forest Fires

Hubei: First Use of Helicopters to Fight Forest Fires

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2019/08/26 09:47
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It is reported that as of 16:20 on the 21st, after nearly 24 hours of fighting, the forest fires in Jiajiayuan Village, Honggang Town, Tongshan County, Xianning City, were all extinguished. This is also the first time that the Emergency Management Department of Hubei Province has used helicopters to fight forest fires.
At 16:30 on August 20, a forest fire broke out in Jiajiayuan village because of the migration of villagers back to their hometown to pay tribute to their ancestors. After receiving the fire, the Xianning Municipal Committee, the Municipal Government, the Tongshan County Committee and the county government attached great importance to it, and immediately organized rescue forces to go to the scene of the fire to carry out the rescue and report to the higher authorities.
After receiving the report, the Provincial Emergency Management Office started the emergency response. On the evening of August 20, the office sent a working group to arrive at the scene at 2:00 a.m. on 21, jointly with 80 members of the mobile detachment of the Forest Fire Bureau stationed in Hubei Province, and organized scientific rescue of the fire site.
At noon on the 21st, the Provincial Emergency Management Office sent command center, fire prevention office, rescue center leaders and communication support team to the scene to guide rescue and ensure communication transmission. At the same time, the Provincial Emergency Management Department, together with the provincial fire rescue team, dispatched 80 people from Xianning and Huangshi fire brigades to the fire site for support. An AS-350 Reconnaissance Helicopter and a Mi-26 helicopter carrying large water buckets to the fire site for aerial fire extinguishing were applied to the Emergency Management Department for the transfer of an AS-350 Reconnaissance Helicopter from the North Forest Protection Station of Hannan Airport.
After fighting hard, as of 16:20 on the 21st, all the open fires in Tongshan County were extinguished. According to preliminary investigation, the fire area is about 300 mu at present, and the forest facies of the fire site are all Bamao, causing no casualties and property losses.