The wind and rain have no lover and love, unite as one to defend the homeland

As the typhoon passed by, Hecheng gradually recovered its calm after continuous storms. The strong wind and rainstorm caused by the super typhoon led to many solar energy, billboards, oil pipes and other falling accidents in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, as well as the impact of broken trees on traffic.

Since 8:00 on August 9, Jiaxing City has launched the first level emergency response mechanism, with all staff on duty and ready for battle.

During the anti typhoon period, Jiaxing Fire Command Center received 303 typhoon related warnings, including 117 cases of drainage and waterlogging, 20 cases of removal of billboards, 41 cases of removal of collapsed trees, 122 cases of removal of other obstacles. There were no casualties. 308 vehicles and 2009 firefighters were dispatched in total.


Firefighters rushed to the elderly in time to cry

"Grandpa, Grandma, here we are!" Before the firefighters could say a word, two 90 year old people had already burst into tears. "You are here. That's great. Come and help us. Look, what can we do? We will lose our home after living all our lives.

On the day of the incident, the first special service squadron received the alarm and rushed to No. 24, Dongfeng Road, Nanhu District, where there was serious water accumulation, to rescue two elderly people in their 90s who were trapped in their homes. At that time, when the wind and rain in Nanhu District were heaviest, the raging wind and heavy rain made rescue more difficult, but could not stop the firefighters from marching forward. The firemen braved the strong wind and waded into the knee deep water, and walked step by step towards the old low-lying house.

Because they live here all the year round, the two elders have deep feelings for this family, and they are too old to leave this place where they have been living. "Grandma and grandpa, you can rest assured that the house will be saved..." The fireman persuaded the two old men to let go. When the two old men and one old man relaxed, Zhuge Duhui, a member of the team, picked up the old man and walked out without saying a word. The member Zhen Guopeng carefully picked up the old woman and followed her. They put their feet slowly, fearing that one of them accidentally fell down on the two old men. It was already hard to tell whether sweat or rain was on their forehead in the wind and rain. The careful deputy squadron leader, Chai Fengjun, was still holding an umbrella for the old man to cover the rain. After repeatedly confirming that the two old men were unharmed, the firefighters rushed into the rain again and went to the next place.


Forced to leave the scene, still remember to tell brother

On the side of Shanjiang Road toward Hongxi, several trees broken by strong wind leaned against the wires and swayed. The Xitang full-time fire brigade rushed to the scene at the first time after receiving the alarm. The investigation found that the diameter of these trees was about 20-30cm, and the branches were high. The trunk of one of the trees was broken at the waist, but the root was not affected. After discussion, five firefighters decided to cut it with an electric saw from the middle, and then drag the broken part away.

Xu Chunwei, the monitor, climbed to the tree to start work. Suddenly, the tree collapsed, and he was hit by a chainsaw in his calf with unstable center of gravity. The fire brigade on the scene quickly moved him to a safe place and waited for an ambulance to rescue him.

With great pain, Xu Chunwei did not forget to tell the other team members: "These trees must be cleared in time, otherwise it will be inconvenient for people to travel, and nearby electricity may also be affected." We also warned everyone, "During the operation, we must pay attention to the comprehensive analysis of the situation and consider the unexpected factors. We should not only protect the safety of the people, but also protect our own personal safety."

The doctor diagnosed that Xu Chunwei's wound was 10cm long and 1cm deep, and the wound had been debridement and sutured. All fallen trees at the scene of the incident have also been removed.

When I met everyone, he made up his mind

On Huayu Road in the downtown area, firefighter Ma Xun and six teammates are performing a task to drain the water in this section. It was still raining heavily, and his vision was very poor. Ma Xun even could not open his eyes because of the rain. But he still kept walking in the rain, checking whether the drainage pump was working properly, and then putting his hands into the water to test whether the suction pipe was connected properly.

At this time, Ma Xun has been fighting with his comrades in arms for 14 hours. Although he is a "post-90s", he is also an experienced firefighter. He seemed to have nothing unusual in his busy life. Even when his teammates were tired, he smiled and comforted them, encouraging them to fight against typhoon "Lichima" to the end.


However, many people do not know. The night before the rescue mission, Ma Xun, who was sorting out rescue equipment, received a call from his family. He learned that his 84 year old grandmother had passed away. The family hoped that he could hurry back to see her off as soon as possible.

On the one hand, it is the rescue against Taiwan, and on the other hand, it is the expectation of his family. Although he is sad, Ma Xun resolutely chose to stay in the team and fight with his comrades in arms to protect the "Jiayuan" Garden.

While facing his choice, his family, although sad, also expressed understanding and gave him great support.

Ma Xun, who has been busy all the time, is not affected by his personal feelings, but when he returns to the team, he sits quietly in the car, looks into the distance, and his eyes become moist in the dark

In the eyes of ordinary people, they are heroes and hope in times of crisis; In the eyes of their comrades in arms, they are brothers who share weal and woe; But in the eyes of parents, they are still only half of the children; They shoulder the safety of the people's lives and property. On the retrograde road of fighting with the fire devil and disaster, they are unswerving and forge ahead. May they return safely in every battle.

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