What are the purposes of these fire-fighting equipment?

Fire fighting equipment is the most direct fire extinguishing tool at the fire scene, and how to correctly master and use fire fighting equipment will play an irreplaceable role in reducing casualties and property losses in fire. What are the purposes of these fire-fighting equipment?


[Popular science] The correct repair and maintenance of fire-fighting equipment should be done in this way. Many people have made mistakes

Spot inspection and maintenance of NO.1 fire extinguisher First, let's get to know the dry powder fire extinguisher: spot inspection of fire extinguisher: (1) check whether the pressure handle and lead seal are intact; (2) Check whether the pointer of the pressure gauge points to the red area, if yes, it is abnormal; (3) Check whether the hose and nozzle are free of damage and whether the nozzle is blocked; (4) Check the bottle body for deformation, damage and serious rust; (5) Check whether the fire extinguisher is within the validity period; (6) Make spot inspection records. NO. 2. Use and maintenance of indoor fire hydrants: (1) Check whether the fire hydrant box is deformed, whether the glass is damaged, and whether the door is open


Is the more the better? You must understand the "four treasures" of family fire protection

The conditions of modern families are getting better and better, and the increase of various electrical appliances has also added hidden dangers to the occurrence of fires. According to the statistics of the fire department, the post survey of most family fires shows that many families are not equipped with some necessary fire-fighting equipment, which directly leads to the emergency problems of citizens after the fire.


Do you all know fire fighting equipment?

Fire fighting equipment refers to fire extinguishers, dry sandboxes, fire hoses and other equipment, which are prerequisites and fighting weapons for fighting all kinds of fires. Fire fighting facilities refer to automatic fire alarm system, fire doors, fire rolling shutters, indoor fire hydrants, outdoor fire hydrants, high-level water tanks, water pump adapters, alarm bells and other fixed facilities in buildings. Fire safety signs refer to words, patterns, etc. related to fire control.


What are the requirements for setting fire extinguishers?

What are the requirements for setting fire extinguishers Pay attention to the following points when placing fire extinguishers: 1 Select the place easy to catch fire;


Little knowledge of fire safety -- how to prevent electrical fire

With the development of reform and opening up, people's living conditions are getting better and better, and household appliances are also increasing. Refrigerators, televisions, computers, air conditioners and other electrical equipment have become an indispensable part of daily life. However, when a variety of household appliances are used together, the line load will increase, and the aging of lines and other reasons will easily lead to electrical fire.