Is the more the better? You must understand the "four treasures" of family fire protection


The conditions of modern families are getting better and better, and the increase of various electrical appliances has also added hidden dangers to the occurrence of fires. According to the statistics of the fire department, the post survey of most family fires shows that many families are not equipped with some necessary fire-fighting equipment, which directly leads to the emergency problems of citizens after the fire.


    The household fire extinguisher should be a necessary fire extinguishing tool for every family. The household fire extinguisher is suitable for extinguishing the initial small fire in the kitchen, living room and living room. There are two types of fire extinguishers: jet type and throw type. In fact, the household fire extinguisher has a good response to the initial small fire in the family. The important thing is that it can prevent the small fire from becoming a big fire, which will cause significant losses. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare household fire extinguishers and other fire extinguishers for fire fighting and escape. Based on the analysis of rescue experience, families should be equipped with four types of fire-fighting equipment, namely, household fire extinguisher, escape rope, strong flashlight and simple smoke mask.

Can I buy and use the fire-fighting equipment
"I haven't used the fire extinguisher since I bought it." In the relevant household survey conducted by the fire department, most residents explained their understanding of fire extinguishers in this way.
Not only fire extinguishers, such as fire blankets, gas masks and other household fire-fighting equipment, but also most of them are bought for home "exhibition". The fire protection publicity department found in the community fire protection publicity that some citizens generally reported that after the family fire broke out, most of them waited for the fire department to put out the fire, instead of taking the initiative to use the family fire-fighting equipment to put out the fire. The survey found that many family fire equipment had instructions when they first bought, but the instructions were lost when they were not used for a long time.
The more fire-fighting equipment, the better
Many families are equipped with not only fire extinguishers, but also fire blankets, gas masks, escape lines, fire axes, etc. This phenomenon was also confirmed in the household survey of the Fire Prevention Department, "In fact, each fire fighting equipment has a unique function, and more will make everyone at a loss when using it." For example, a person in charge of the Fire Prevention Department said that escape lines are mainly suitable for high-rise buildings to use when they are in fire, and fire axes are more used by fire professionals to break doors.
4 pieces of fire-fighting equipment for families

The boss of a fire fighting equipment store said that if the Ministry of Public Security recommends five types of fire fighting emergency equipment for families, the price of 4kg portable fire extinguisher is about 50 yuan, and 3L water-based fire extinguisher is about 80 yuan; About 45 yuan for one meter fire blanket; Fire filter self rescue respirator 260 yuan; Lifesaving descent device 400 yuan; Strong light flashlight with alarm function is about 250 yuan.

"This kind of expenditure is still unacceptable to many families." Therefore, the Fire Brigade suggested that the public should have a choice when purchasing fire fighting equipment, which should be determined based on the floor and family conditions.

The fire department said that four pieces of fire fighting equipment are necessary for ordinary families.
1. Household fire extinguisher: any big fire starts with a small one. If you have a fire extinguisher at home and can operate it skillfully, you can put it out in time when a spark is lit.
2. Escape rope: once the fire is uncontrollable, escape must be considered first. If you live above the third floor and the stairway is blocked, if there is a thick and long rope at home, you can tie the rope section by section, then tie it to a solid object, climb down along the rope and escape smoothly.
2. Escape rope: once the fire is uncontrollable, escape must be considered first. If you live above the third floor and the stairway is blocked, if there is a thick and long rope at home, you can tie the rope section by section and fasten it. 3. Strong flashlight: there is a fire at night, and the house is dark after the circuit is burnt out. Especially in my sleep, I still haven't figured out what is going on, and my home is in flames. At this time, a flashlight is needed to illuminate the escape route. If you climb down the rope on a solid object, you can escape smoothly.
4. Simple smoke mask: The smoke in the fire is toxic, and many people who died were suffocated by smoke. If you have several smoke masks in your home, you can put them on at a critical moment to resist the attack of toxic smoke and escape from death. When I first learned of the fire, I had to call the police. If it is a small fire, it should be bravely and timely put out to prevent the fire from expanding. In case of a large fire and thick smoke, escape immediately. Don't be greedy for property, and escape lightly. When escaping, cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel, bow down the stairs. If the floor is low, you can slip down the stairs with a rope tied with sheets. Do not return to the house without confirming the safety when leaving the fire site.

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