Little knowledge of fire safety -- how to prevent electrical fire

With the development of reform and opening up, people's living conditions are getting better and better, and household appliances are also increasing. Refrigerators, televisions, computers, air conditioners and other electrical equipment have become an indispensable part of daily life. However, when a variety of household appliances are used together, the line load will increase, and the aging of lines and other reasons will easily lead to electrical fire.

To prevent electrical fire, pay attention to:

1、 It is not allowed to randomly connect electrical lines, increase line load at will and install and use electrical equipment not in accordance with standards.

2、 Household appliances must be purchased with qualified products and maintained regularly. We should not be greedy for temporary cheapness and neglect the quality of electrical appliances.

3、 Do not cut off the power supply of household appliances after use. Do not unplug the plug when using electrical appliances or cutting off power.

4、 The selected wire diameter shall not be too thin, and the electric equipment with human power shall not be used at the same time to prevent overload operation of the line. It is forbidden to use steel, iron, aluminum wire to replace fuse or use fuse beyond the standard.

5、 After the electrical aging, it shall be replaced in time, and the wire connector shall be reconnected in time due to oxidation, looseness and oil contamination.

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