Do you all know fire fighting equipment?

Fire fighting equipment refers to fire extinguishers, dry sandboxes, fire hoses and other equipment, which are prerequisites and fighting weapons for fighting all kinds of fires. Fire fighting facilities refer to automatic fire alarm system, fire doors, fire rolling shutters, indoor fire hydrants, outdoor fire hydrants, high-level water tanks, water pump adapters, alarm bells and other fixed facilities in buildings. Fire safety signs refer to words, patterns, etc. related to fire control.

What are the fire-fighting equipment

Fire fighting equipment includes fire monitor, fire insulation suit, fire hydrant, fire alarm bell, fire detection instrument, fire ladder, fire filter respirator, fire blanket, fire tag, fire hose, fire alarm, smoke detector, temperature detector, fire extinguisher, fire emergency light, fire indicator, emergency exit indicator, indoor fire hydrant, fire fighting suit, positive pressure air respirator, fire-resistant lifeline, fire axe, safety helmet Fire rubber boots, walkie talkies, flashlights, high-frequency whistles, etc.

What are the conventional fire-fighting equipment

1. Fire extinguishers specifically include dry powder fire extinguishers, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, household fire extinguishers, vehicle fire extinguishers, forest fire extinguishers, stainless steel fire extinguishers, water system fire extinguishers, suspended fire extinguishers, gun type fire extinguishers, fire extinguisher boxes, fire extinguisher racks, etc.

2. The fire hydrant includes indoor fire hydrant system and outdoor fire hydrant system. Indoor fire hydrant system includes indoor fire hydrant, water hose and water gun. Outdoor fire hydrants include ground and underground fire hydrants. Outdoor fire hydrants are widely used in large-scale petrochemical fire fighting facilities. Due to different installation conditions and use sites in different regions, they are subject to different restrictions. Petrochemical fire water systems have mostly adopted stable high-pressure water systems, and the fire hydrants have gradually changed from ordinary type to adjustable pressure type.

3. Demolition tools, including fire axe, cutting tools, etc. As for others, they belong to fire protection systems, such as automatic fire alarm system, automatic sprinkler system, smoke control system, fire separation system, fire broadcast system, gas fire extinguishing system, emergency evacuation system, etc.

Fire extinguisher is a portable fire extinguisher that can be moved manually. It can spray the filled extinguishing agent under its internal pressure to put out a fire. There are many types of fire extinguishers, and their scope of application is also different. Only by correctly selecting the type of fire extinguisher, can we effectively fight different types of fires and achieve the desired effect. The current national standard divides fire extinguishers into portable fire extinguishers and wheeled fire extinguishers.

Use method of fire-fighting equipment

1. Fire extinguisher

It can be divided into portable type and trolley type according to the moving mode; According to the power source of driving extinguishant, it can be divided into: gas cylinder type, pressure storage type and chemical reaction type; According to the filled extinguishing agent, it can be divided into: foam, dry powder, haloalkane, carbon dioxide, acid and alkali, clean water, etc. The spraying time of the agent contained in the portable fire extinguisher is within one minute, and the actual extinguishing time is only 10-20 seconds.

Fire extinguishers have different fire extinguisher tools according to different types of fire. For example, dry powder fire extinguishers are applicable to the initial fire of flammable, combustible liquids, gases and charged equipment, and can also put out the initial fire of solid substances. When using, the handle of the portable fire extinguisher shall be quickly rushed to the fire site, and the fire extinguisher shall be put down about 5m away from the fire point. When using outdoors, pay attention to the upwind direction. Before use, turn the extinguisher upside down for several times to loosen the dry powder in the cylinder, then pull out the safety pin, hold the nozzle with one hand, lift the handle with the other hand, press down the open handle, and the dry powder will spray out automatically.

2. Fire hydrant

The fire hydrant is usually set in the fire hose box with glass door, which is composed of water gun, water hose, fire hydrant and alarm button. In case of fire, first use the key or hard object of the fire hydrant box to break the glass on the door of the box, open the door, and then quickly remove the water hose on the rack and the water gun on the spring bracket. Connect the water hose interface to the fire hydrant interface. If there is an alarm button, press the emergency alarm button. When the red indicator light on the fire hydrant box is on, send a fire signal to the control room. Turn the fire hydrant handwheel counterclockwise to extinguish the fire.


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