Do you know the 17 mistakes of fire safety?



Error 1 thinks the fire alarm telephone is "122" or "911".

The fire alarm number in China is 119.It doesn't make sense that many people answered 911. 911 is the American alarm service. Well, if you are in danger in China, the United States will not help you. In addition, 122 is the traffic emergency number.


Error 2 Do not understand the basic elements of fire alarm.

Minor error correction: If the fire alarm fails to explain the fire location, detailed address, fire substance, fire size, whether someone is trapped and other information, the fire fighting time and effect will be affected.For example, you say the fire site "Xifu" is "West Lake"


Error 3: If the unit is on fire, it should put out the fire by itself first, and then report the fire alarm when it can't be saved, or only call the internal alarm number of the unit instead of 119.

Xiao Bian corrects mistakes: If there is a fire, you should call 119 first. You should not rush to the fire. If you can extinguish it, you should extinguish it. If you can't extinguish it, you should run away.Don't just report to the unit leader. If the fire broke out, the leaders could not put it out.


Error 4 After the fire alarm is reported, you need to wait for the fire truck at the entrance of the unit and at the street intersection, and lead the fire truck to the fire scene quickly.

Small error correction: Please believe that firefighters are also human beings, and 99% of them are from other places. It's really a big test for you to ask them to find a strange place to put out fire.Therefore, after reporting the fire alarm, please try your best to welcome the fire engines, so as not to let them "go astray" and delay the fire fighting time.


Error 5 People think that the fire alarm will be charged or the number and duration of fire trucks will be charged.

Minor error correction: say important things three times: no charge, no charge, no charge for fire brigade rescue.Whether it's fighting a fire, saving a person, saving a cat, saving a dog, picking a beehive, getting a key... All the police are charged nothing. In case of danger, please call "119"!


Error 6: When the fire extinguisher is used to extinguish the fire, the nozzle should be aimed at the upper or middle part of the flame.

Minor error correction: When using a fire extinguisher to extinguish a fire, the nozzle of the fire extinguisher should aim at the root of the flame.Remember, it's the root. Only by aiming at the root can we effectively annihilate it. Aiming at the middle and upper parts of the flame is just a waste of extinguishing agent.


Error 7: It is believed that the best place to use the fire extinguisher is downwind or more than 10m away from the fire point.

Minor error correction: The best place to extinguish the fire with a fire extinguisher is the windward or crosswind position 3-5 meters away from the fire point.If you want to disfigure yourself so that your parents can't recognize you, you can try to stand on the other side. As for the place 10 meters away, the fire extinguishing agent sprayed cannot reach the fire source at all.


Error 8 thinks that the most favorable stage for fire fighting is the development or violent burning stage.

Minor error correction: The most favorable stage for fire fighting is the initial stage.This truth should be very simple. Of course, the smaller the fire, the more it goes out. What do you think of the students who answered that "development or violent burning stage" is the most favorable time to put out the fire? Have a drink!


Error 9 thinks that the oil pan can be put out with water if it is on fire.

Xiao Bian's error correction: The correct way to deal with a fire in an oil pan is to immediately turn off the gas source and smother it with a lid.Those who can use water for tasks, please remember that this is dangerous and can no longer be dangerous. If you plan to do this, wait for a mushroom cloud to rise in your home.


Error 10 Task: Check whether gas and other gas appliances are leaking. Use your nose to smell the fire test.

Minor error correction: the correct way to check whether gas appliances such as gas are leaking is to brush soapy water to the hose and connector for inspection.As for the fire test, to put it bluntly, you just want to set fire to your family. Do you have a grudge against your family? Smell with your nose, as if your sense of smell is not so sensitive.


Error 11 thinks that when the door is opened and a strong gas smell is smelled, the electric lamp should be turned on to find the air leakage position or the ignition should be checked.

Minor error correction: When opening the door and smelling a strong gas smell, quickly open the doors and windows for ventilation to prevent deflagration accidents.Why can't you turn on the light? Because the switch contact will cause sparks and deflagration. Why can't you ignite and check? Do you want to use your own flying experience as a kite?


Error 12: It's OK to put the electric car at the corridor entrance for charging.

Minor error correction: electric vehicles are charged at the corridor entrance, which is most likely to cause fire and casualties.Why? When the electric vehicles you put in the corridor for charging are overcharged or the wires touch the fire, it will cause a fire. The fire burns the high temperature and toxic smoke released by the electric vehicles up the corridor. If people of unknown origin escape along the corridor, they will put down one after another. Such tragedies have occurred many times.


Error 13: It is believed that the main cause of death caused by fire is jumping off a building, frightening or crowding.

Error correction: The main cause of death caused by fire is asphyxiation by inhalation of toxic smoke.Of course, there are also deaths caused by jumping off buildings and crowding, but few. The biggest killer is suffocation by inhaling toxic smoke. When the carbon monoxide content in the air reaches 0.1%, 50% carboxyhemoglobin and 50% oxygenated hemoglobin will be formed in the blood, which will stop breathing.


Error 14 It is believed that the purpose of evacuation close to the ground in case of fire is to see if there are obstacles on the ground.

Minor error correction: When escaping from a fire, evacuate close to the ground as much as possible, because the concentration of toxic hot smoke close to the ground is small and the probability of poisoning is low.Some people answered that they wanted to see if there were any obstacles on the ground. This... Xiao Bian told you that when a fire comes, you will be basically in a dark environment. Even owls can't see what is on the ground, let alone you.


Error 15 If you think that there is a fire outside and the fire is very big, and you are trapped in the city and cannot escape, you should rush out of the door.

Xiao Bian corrects: There is a big fire outside. Don't rush out.At this time, the correct way is to return home, use your door as the first line of defense, wet the sheets and towels, plug the door, do not water the door to cool... wait for the firefighters to rescue. Don't rush out. Rushing out is like looking for your own death. Do you know?


Error 16: After the body is on fire, it should run fast against the wind or let the fire burn.

Xiao Bian's error correction: After the fire, you should roll on the spot and cover the fire with heavy clothes.Some people say run against the wind. Do you think it's blowing candles with your mouth? If you can run twice as fast as the world sprint champion Bolt, you can consider it. As for letting the fire burn, it was the scarecrow who did it.


Error 17: When the electrical circuit is on fire, the method of sprinkling water can be used to extinguish the fire.

Minor error correction: When the electrical circuit is on fire, the power should be cut off first, and then the appropriate fire extinguisher should be used to extinguish the fire.Use water to extinguish the fire under the condition of continuous electricity. The person who splashes water will pour electricity. The electricity will pour in the fire field, waiting for the flesh to become carbon.


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