315 Fire Fighting and Counterfeiting | Teach you how to distinguish between "real" and "fake" fire extinguishers

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One person died when old fire extinguisher exploded

At about 9:00 p.m. on April 12, 2015, a waste goods purchase department in Yusiyuan Street, Langzhong City suddenly made a loud "bang". "I was repairing electrical appliances in the shop. When I heard the loud noise, I immediately went out to check. I found the owner of the waste store next door fell on the ground, his face was bloody, and his body was bleeding constantly." The witness, Mr. Zhao, said that when someone was injured, he immediately called 120 for emergency.

It is understood that on the night of the incident, Mr. Gou, the owner of the store where the waste was purchased, was alone, sorting out the waste in the store. At that time, he was disassembling an old fire extinguisher that he had recovered and was going to sell it as scrap iron.

According to Luo Yuanming, a staff member of Langzhong Public Security Fire Brigade, after investigation, the fire extinguisher that exploded was under a hot open fire, and an accident suddenly occurred. "The old fire extinguisher tank was under pressure, and he (Mr. Gou) did not pull out the safety hydrant to release the pressure. He forcefully disassembled it, causing an explosion".

What kind of fire extinguisher will explode?

1. Failure to check, repair, maintain, fill and scrap the fire extinguisher within the specified time, and the fire extinguisher works "with fault", which has a large potential safety hazard;

 2. When using, they did not master the basic operation methods and safety common sense of the fire extinguisher, used improperly, disassembled without permission or used expired products;
3. When carrying the fire extinguisher, the action is too large, which causes the cylinder body to be violently shaken or violently impacted and then explode;
4. The fire extinguisher will expand and explode when heated in a high temperature environment. In a humid environment, it will cause corrosion on the surface of the steel cylinder, which will lead to explosion when unable to withstand pressure.
General fire extinguishers do not explode. The key is that the fire extinguisher is an expired or inferior one. Look, do you have a fire extinguisher? Do you plan to buy a fire extinguisher? Have you ever encountered unqualified fire extinguishers?
How to identify fake fire extinguishers?

1. Verify whether the fire extinguisher has "ID card":

The ID card is used to prove the identity of the holder, and everyone has his or her unique ID. On the small bottle of the fire extinguisher, there is also an "ID card", which is called the "identity system logo of fire products". According to this "ID card", people can "verify the identity" of the fire extinguisher.


When citizens buy fire extinguishers, they should pay attention when they find that the extinguisher does not have an "ID card", the 14 digit code on the "ID card" is incorrect, or the "ID card" can easily be uncovered. It is likely to be a fake product.

To more accurately identify the true and false of fire protection products, please log in the "Fire Protection Product Qualification Assessment Center"( )Query


2. Weight identification:

According to relevant regulations, the total weight of dry powder extinguishers below 3kg shall not exceed 3%, and that of dry powder extinguishers above 3kg shall not exceed 2%. For example, the minimum weight of a 5kg extinguisher should not be less than 4.9kg.

3. Appearance identification:

Portable fire extinguishers are equipped with pressure gauges, which generally have three color areas.



When the pointer points to the red zone, it indicates that the dry powder pressure in the fire extinguisher is too small to be ejected in case of fire, indicating that the fire extinguisher has failed. At this time, dry powder should be refilled at the regular fire equipment store.

When the pointer is within the green area, it indicates that the pressure is normal and can be used normally.

When the pointer points to the yellow area, it indicates that the pressure of dry powder in the extinguisher is too high. Although dry powder can be sprayed, there is a danger of explosion.

4. Date verification:

There is a series of steel stamp numbers on the bottom of the dry powder fire extinguisher, which is the scrapping date of the product! If it is found that the date has expired, please do not use this extinguisher.

5. Telephone verification:
The dry powder fire extinguisher is marked with the manufacturer's telephone number and identification certificate of fire products! Consumers can call the manufacturer directly to check the information and identify the true and false fire extinguishers.
The safety of fire protection products is very important. Once unqualified fire protection products are put into use, they will not only cause the fire protection facilities and equipment to be unable to be used normally, causing congenital fire hazards, but also directly affect the fire alarm, fire fighting and personnel evacuation, which is very likely to cause the spread and expansion of fire, posing a great threat to social and public security. If consumers encounter counterfeit and shoddy products when purchasing, they should timely make complaints by calling the "12315 or 96119" reporting telephone.

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